Data Processing Services

Data processing involves drawing out specific information from a source, processing this information and presenting it in an easily accessible, digital format. This holds a great advantage for many organizations, as it allows for a more efficient method for retrieving information, while also safeguarding the data from loss or damage.

World Testing Services (WTS) Data Processing Services helps you manage your information in a more efficient way, enabling you to make strategic and critical decisions. Data Processing that includes forms processing, order processing and mailing list compilation as well as other processing of different forms of business and organizational information, is an essential but non-core aspect of business processes.

Data enrichment refers to a set of processes that enhances the quality of the data, in order to enhance its reliability. The result is data of gold standard that has significantly higher value than unenriched data. Such a dataset helps businesses achieve better productivity; they are able to identify and reach out to better prospects, to perform accurate analysis, as well as to design their marketing strategies better.

  • Verifying Customer Data Accuracy
  • Identification And Removal Of Duplicate Data
  • Identification And Filtering Out Of Invalid/Expired Data
  • Grouping And Tagging Identical Records To Enable Easier Retrieval

The entire order process from quote to fulfillment requires optimization from the organization's perspective. Efficient order management results in cost efficiency, speedy and on-time fulfillment, increase in customer satisfaction, reduced occurrence of errors, generation of actionable insights, and educated decision-making.

World Testing Services is among the leading companies and has vast experience in order management and order processing. We provide end-to-end order management outsourcing services to enable businesses to efficiently process orders, and thereby improve sales and revenue.

Efficient transaction processing is one of the prerequisites for this. Managing transaction processes, which includes order processing, claims processing and legal check processing, entails time-consuming processes, availability of experts and adequate finance, which eats into business efficiency and distracts from core business strategic goals.

  • Claims Processing Services
  • Loans processing / Cheque processing
  • Records maintenance

World Testing Services (WTS) provides an end-to-end solution for form processing, which is aimed towards enhancing the efficiency of clients' operations. Our form processing outsourcing services will also allow you to completely focus your time and resources towards the more important aspects of your business.

World Testing Services (WTS) provides accurate and reliable word processing and document formatting services, and will deliver high-quality results within the required timeframe. Your business can outsource word processing and document formatting requirements for business reports, financial reports, eBooks, forms, manuals, training guides, technical documents, research reports, publications, booklets, statistical tables and all other formats of documentation.