Data Entry Services

Data entry processes in all forms consistently require accuracy and significant time. Data entry tasks can become even more challenging when multiple time zones and languages are involved. To help businesses manage all data entry tasks, Tabeer Testing Services provides customized and cost-effective online data entry services. Improving turnaround time for any data entry process is often a high priority because accurate final data is needed for time-sensitive applications like invoices, insurance claims, legal documents, and product catalogs. Another key area where expedited data entry performance is essential is customer support for functions like shipping and customer feedback.

Due to the increased use of images in business operations, the process of annotating images has become virtually mandatory. The metadata information supplied by properly annotated images becomes the foundation of many data analysis procedures. However, current employees are often too busy to keep up with image annotation requirements. To help businesses manage all tasks involving this time-consuming process, Tabeer Testing Services provides customized image annotation services.

Tabeer Testing Services can performs high-volume data entry for ongoing assignments as well as one-time requirements.

Tabeer Testing Serivces has been in the data entry industry for since long time and we understand the pain points of the customer easily and provide the services accordingly. Some of the key online data entry services we offer include -

  • Online Copying, Pasting, Editing, Sorting, and Indexing
  • Online Data Capture
  • Online Entry of Image Data
  • Online Data Entry Involving Foreign Languages
  • Online Entry Involving Customer Support and Shipping
  • Online Entry for Product Catalogs

Tabeer Testing Serivces accelerates the scheduling of invoicing and accounting processes by entering invoice and receipt data online.

Data entry activities must frequently be expedited because the recorded data is required for critical business operations - for example, preparing invoices and updating databases. The process of entering data is also time-consuming and requires attention to detail. To help businesses meet these challenges, Tabeer Testing Services provides seven customized data entry services.

TTS completes specialized data entry for requirements such as insurance claims and legal documentation.